Blue Sky


Blue Sky is a platform promoting social, cultural and volunteering activities.

Our aim is to enable people to give back to society & the environment more easily and promote social responsibility.

The live location-based platform makes searching & joining volunteering activities easy & instant.

Our app aims to turn technology into a source of positive action, away from meaningless distraction.

Helping others greatly enhances physical and mental well-being & overall happienss

Meet new people, learn new skills, empower yourself, society and the planet

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Caring activities are focused on helping the elderly.

This might include volunteering at a care centre or assisting with a weekly shop.

An opportunity to make friends & help someone in need.

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Environmental activities will get you outside in the fresh air. 

Activities will range from garden conservation to litter picking in the local park.

Help nature by lending a hand on the land.

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Community activities are about supporting the local community.

This might include helping out at a soup kitchen or street cleaning.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Sport activities will keep you active and fit.

This might include volunteering at a local fun run or joining a local five a side football game.

Have fun while keeping fit.

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Education activities revolve around skill and wisdom sharing. 

This might include mentoring a pupil or helping at the local libary.

It's hip to be square.

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Art Activities are about expressing yourself and being creative. This might include helping at an art gallery or joining a workshop.

Learn new skills, get inspired!

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Our story

Today people more than ever are looking for ways to give back to society and the environment.

Current forms of social media are screen based, making people inactive and bored.

People yearn to be involved with something meaningful and empowering.

In order to use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc you have to stare at a screen, there is nothing sociable about that.

Young people spend a large portion of their day living digitally, the average teenager screen time is over 4 hours a day. We want to change that.

Selfless is about getting people offline and interacting in the physical world, helping others.


Our mission

Our mission is to become the go-to community app.      

We want to make volunteering accessible and fun,  helping anyone to make a positive social impact at the click of a button.

We believe in the near future - volunteering and giving back will be like going to the gym. 

Meet new people, learn new skills, empower yourself, society and the planet.

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