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Caring activities are focused on helping the elderly.

This might include volunteering at a care centre or assisting with a weekly shop.

An opportunity to make friends & help someone in need.

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Environmental activities will get you outside in the fresh air. 

Activities will range from garden conservation to litter picking in the local park.

Help nature by lending a hand on the land.

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Community activities are about supporting the local community.

This might include helping out at a soup kitchen or street cleaning.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Sport activities will keep you active and fit.

This might include volunteering at a local fun run or joining a local five a side football game.

Have fun while keeping fit.

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Education activities revolve around skill and wisdom sharing. 

This might include mentoring a pupil or helping at the local libary.

It's hip to be square.

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Art Activities are about expressing yourself and being creative. This might include helping at an art gallery or joining a workshop.

Learn new skills, get inspired!